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There are various programs available depending on the individual’s needs and desires. All of our programs include private, group, practice and parties. This ensures being able to dance with a variety of partners in any social setting.

The Student Introductory Program

A short-term membership that allows you an inexpensive opportunity to examine the Club and your own dance intentions.

Foundation Programs

A great way for you or you and a partner to learn some of the basic elements of dance, the different tempos of music, and to get an understanding of what you would like your dancing to do for you. This is our first stepping stone in teaching students to become confident, comfortable social dancers.

Foundation 1: 12 Private, 12 Group Classes and 12 Practice Sessions

Foundation 2: 6 Private, 6 Group Classes and 6 Practice Sessions

The Variety Club Program

After you have an understanding of the basics and elements of your Foundation Program, you will have a chance to design a program with your instructor to fit your lifestyle, your dance desire, and to help achieve some of the wonderful benefits dance has to offer. This program is designed to solidify the basic elements of your social dances while enabling you to “Hold Your Own” in any given social dance situation. When completed, you will have an understanding of footwork; an introduction to the various dance tempos, and the fundamentals of a good lead as a man or sensitivity as a lady. This program also provides an excellent stepping stone to our next level of instruction – the Bronze Awards Program.

The Awards Programs

The Bronze Program contains the perfect blend of style, technique and versatility in the most popular dances. More then 85% of all of our students in the studios use the Bronze program to “cement” their knowledge of dance so they may use it throughout the rest of their lives. Social Bronze Dancers learn a wide variety of steps in all the popular dances while enhancing their step patterns, appearance, partnership, and expression. In a short period of time the Bronze social dancer gains the fun, poise, and confidence which enables them to dance with a variety of partners to a variety of music.

The Silver Program creates dancers that are distinguished by versatility and style. Our Silver Program allows our students to expand on the elements of dance to better utilize floor space while learning the characteristics unique to each dance. Silver social dancers can dance in any situation whether is be a relaxing social party or a chance to clear a dance floor. Silver dancers are usually interested in performance and exhibition.

The Gold Program is our highest level of dancing. Gold dancers have an extensive knowledge of dance technique and have the ability to use the elements to create their own patterns. Dancers at this level have mastered all their social skills and make learning and dancing their hobby. They truly appreciate the artistry of dance.

Wedding Programs

We will choreograph your first dance, or just teach you some basic elements. We will personalize this program to meet your needs and desires for your big day.